placeholder and a promise broken (a flashback)

this was one of those bits to explain why there wasn’t a bit…

…but i promise a longer one that day which i’m assuming never came to pass as there’s only one lil’ bit from exactly twenty years ago today? it goes a little something like this:

09/30/2002: “well, fuck (part ii)”

i’m not like most people (go ahead…have fun with that one). MOST of my readers got off work at 5:00 on friday and got back at 9:00 on monday. in that time span i worked twenty-seven hours between three shows and two area codes. i haven’t been to sleep before 3:00 am in the last three nights. and to make matters worse, i did a quick entry yesterday explaining what all was going on with the weekend and why nothing had posted really in the last few days, and it, like my thursday one, just disappeared…leaving me to wonder yet again, what the FUCK? so, i’m now running thirty minutes late to go in two hours late for work, and therefore don’t really have the time…again. tonight i’ll write you the koran…deal?

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this time I didn’t see the other one….. don’t blame ME for pawning it.

sinD said @ 09/30/2002 03:49 PM GMT

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