is it really even summer?

i mean, yeah, the hundred or so hundred plus degree days would indicate “duh!”…

…but the lack of the choco taco makes it a bitter pill to swallow.

but does it really? i remember them being really good, but i couldn’t tell you if i’ve eaten one in the the last twenty-five years. when they announced it was being discontinued (the ufc told me) i responded with, “oh, bummer!”, but, again, i don’t think i’ve ever consumed one once during the entirety (so far) of the 20th century.

so i guess i’m part of the problem?

as with everything that happens in america, there is a conspiracy theory that they’re just doing this to drum up business. seriously…when’s the last time you thought about one of these, and you know damn well next time you’re near an ice cream fridge now you’re gonna look to see if they’re around. i’m waiting for somebody to start that this is being done because it’s a “taco” and this is some kind of anti-immigrant propaganda. if i’d put this on the site twenty years ago ME woulda laughed at me over dinner that night and called me crazy…but in 2022 it almost seems like a legit thing, don’t it?

“spooky comings and goings around these parts” – note etched into the wax master of a depeche mode single i have from 1985

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