i’m no longer a seventh day alarmist

for the longest time my alarm went off, every fucking day, at 7:42am…

…every day. seven days a week.

covid killed that. but from august 2014 to march of 2020, literally every day during the school year. that gets exhausting because, try as i might, i just can’t go to bed before midnight. i try. i fail. shit happens. but when covid hit, and os took off for spring break 2020 and never went back to school, i got my first reprieve during the year. and since the ufc never went back to work, i got to start sleeping in on mondays (to catch up from the lack of sleep on the weekends) and fridays (to help me not be too tired when i close) but on my actual days off, i still had to have the alarm.

but he graduated. that’s gone now. and i couldn’t be happier.

corporate america is what turned me into a “morning person” whereby, no matter how hard i tried, i just couldn’t sleep past about 8 or 8:30. for thirty years and some change before all that i’d be lucky to be up before 10am. i’ve often wondered if that lack of sleep is part of my aches and pains and shit versus the “getting older” excuse everybody throws at me. i mean, yeah, i AM getting older. we all are. that happens as time goes by. but i don’t think that lack of sleep is just an odd coincidence that’s floating out there…i think that genuinely might be a bigger factor than i’m giving it credit for.

i look forward to finding out!

at this point, however, i’ve been getting up earlier for twenty years though – i wonder how long (and if?) it will take me to revert back?

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