he did it! (not a flashback)

so, we didn’t have a perfectly aged twenty year old bit today anyway…

…which is okay, because i probably wouldn’t have used it today regardless.

tonight os walks for high school graduation in the same stadium i did, just on nicer artificial turf and, give or take, thirty-three years later.

i’m proud of him. i’m happy for him. and almost equally happy for me to not have to have an alarm on monday thru friday anymore!

he was almost the deal breaker when i met the ufc – i’d gone out with women with kids, but never had any of my own. that being said, at my age when we met (41) most of the women i dated had teenagers or college kids. i liked that. i could relate to that, partially due to being in an industry that applauds, nurtures, and assures a certain bit of arrested development. but an eight year old? what the fuck do i do with that?

apparently move him in a couple years later and marry his mom…

and then raise him to this…

proud of ya, bud!

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