one way to adult wrong

you see it everywhere…

…”alkaline water”. it’s higher ph is supposed to help your body hydrate better. you know what does many things, but does NOT help your body hydrate better?

as homer simpson says, it is the source of, and solution to, many of life’s little problems, but it’s not something we drink to refresh ourselves after yard work or the gym. don’t get me wrong – i totally drink after either of those, but i know to drink something else FIRST to hydrate, and then undo it all with the booze.

it’s the liquid version of getting tacos after the gym to undo your workout, which i also do pretty much every monday (and occasionally tuesday).

so when i saw a billboard for this this i knew something was up:

it’s high alkaline VODKA, which seems really counter productive to the main reason folks do the “high alkaline” thing. on the upside, it’s from texas. on the downside, it’s vegan and vodka. i’ve never been a huge vodka person and tend to avoid anything that bothers to label itself “vegan” (including actual vegans), so i’ll be curious to see how well this goes. will it be the next big thing in booze? i never woulda guessed seltzers would be quite as big as they’ve turned out to be (i can’t stand em) so i guess time will tell.

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