austinbahn (gets capped)

so, i had to add the part of the title in parenthesis post mortem, as it were…

these things happen.

so, highway 183 in austin, which was the main way the ufc got to work (when she worked in the office) and the main way i get around went toll road a while back. they have MASSIVE billing issues (i use the road at least three or four times a week, haven’t gotten a bill in two months, and the last bill i did get showed travel dates in october of last year) so i’m waiting for THAT hammer to fall at some point.

but in the interim there was thing i noticed about the road that i called the “autobahn of austin” or simply the “austinbahn” which was it was clean, wide, and had ZERO posted speed limit signs. not a one. i have gotten my car up to 100mph + in town and not been pulled over because you can’t speed if there’s no speed limit, right? i’ll also quickly add i’ve never seen any crashes on there, save for when something falls off a truck and then gets hit (which i’ve been victim of) but otherwise not so much.

pretty impressive.

well, while i came up with this bit a couple weeks before you’re reading it, while giving it the last once over before you see it (on tuesday, april 26) i found the above linked article that was less than a day old stating that they had finally set a 75mph speed limit that would soon be posted.

(no biggie – i typically hover just below eighty anyway)

and i learned that’s how we get it. texas uses what’s called the “85th percentile measurement“, whereby they observe what people tend to like to drive on a highway when it’s clear and not slammed and the weather doesn’t suck. they then pick a number around that average that ends with a “5” or “0” and that becomes the speed limit. so my speed demon, eighty(ish) mile an hour driving ass helped set this up.

you’re welcome.

but it did mean i basically had to rewrite the whole bit, but now we all learned something new today about how they develop speed limits, so your day wasn’t wasted!

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