break apart while you dream away

lately sleeping has kinda sucked…

…and it’s all thanks to our brand new $5K mattress.

that ain’t the model number – that’s what we’re paying for it. according to the manufacturers website the break in period on a new temper hybrid is around two weeks. according to some more independent sources, it’s six MONTHS. now, if you walk or crawl on it a bit that’s supposed to help, so we might be going that route.

the downside is the adjustable platform. it really has one main setting, zero gravity, that’s supposed to be ideal for sleeping on your back. i’ve tried several, several times to do this and it’s not working. i’ve drugged myself up a bit, and still no go. that’s causing some problems, because that was a main selling point for the ufc pulling the trigger on us doing this. we’re realizing changing sleep positions after half a century of life, is pardon the horrible pun, not an overnight process.

our old mattress, which was a first generation sleep number one, had run it’s course. the air mattress component would, occasionally, self deflate. for seemingly no reason. maybe spite? but i’d come home on more than one occasion with nik on her side sleeping comfortably and i’d go to lay down only to get that “half deflated pool toy” vibe where i’d rock back and forth as the minimal amount of air settled under me. and the foam top had started to literally deteriorate into chunks so it was definitely time. i was waking up infinitely more sore and achy than i was when i crawled into bed at night, and that’s not a good sign!

but while we ordered a medium, partially due to the adjustable frame, i can’t seem to get comfortable on my back, and it’s currently firm enough that i can’t sleep on my side either. so even though there are many, many, many articles about how the way i sleep is the worst way to do it, it’s what i’ve known for half a century and while you can teach an old dog new tricks, it can occasionally take a while.

we are in that while.

we agreed to pull the trigger if they had a returned one of the one we liked, which they did in san antonio, so we saved $1,400…but we also gave up the 120 sleep guarantee in doing so, this thing is now a family heirloom. hope we make it through this okay!

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