suck life savings time

“oh yeah, this is that time of year where it gets dark earlier…”

…SEE?!? how hard was that?

if we could all just say THAT a few months out of the year, then why daphuk do we still have “daylight savings time”? what are we saving? the nazis did it to conserve resources during the war, but do we really wanna be affiliated with ANYTHING they do? it’s been pushed by people for everything from farming to golf games (true) but in a modern society, unless you make your living off the land (i.e. farming) there is ZERO purpose to this…

…well, other than making one sunday morning a year REALLY fucking suck for me.

saturdays i work fourteen hours, but today i’ll push for closer to fifteen. i’ll do so because on a typical saturday, i’ll work 10am – midnight, get home by about 1am, and in bed around 2am, falling asleep about 2:30-:45. five hours later my alarm goes off. but one sunday a year, 2am instantly become 3am, meaning i’m falling asleep at 3:45 and pull my sunday on four hours of sleep.

that doesn’t work for me.

so i’ll push the extra time after we close so i can sleep, if i need to, till about 9:30 or so, which since i’ll be crashing at around 4:30am CDT (central daylight-sucking time) that gets me the “normal” five hours.

sucks, but gets the job done. sorta. fuck it, it’s as good as it gets in this backward-ass bullshit time we find ourselves in.

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