ya gotta know it to sell it

here’s my take on a recent tech event…

…if you wouldn’t buy brisket from a vegan why the FUCK would you download a social media app called “truth” from a guy who hasn’t been on speaking terms with the truth since the 1980’s? yeah, you know who i’m talking about.

the new twitter rip off app calls its posts “truths” which, in reality, is probably the only way that word can be even roughly associated with any of the app’s content. its launch is in response to him getting kicked off twitter and facebook and other standard social media platforms for inciting an insurrection at the capital.

yeah, conservative friends, you know he did it – about time you fucking owned it.

the civil fucking war couldn’t get the confederate flag waving in the hallowed halls of the united states capital – but the uneducated ignorant maga fucks could. own that shit, and given what all you stand for, even be proud of it!

apparently the app has semi-launched with a wealth of issues which is really no great surprise. i’d have expected a glitch or two with ANYBODY trying to launch a major social media platform, and this organization is what one of my friends refers to as “getter doners” – where they’d rather it be done quickly than properly. as for the title, seeing as how the truth has never really been part of this guy’s legacy, i don’t know why he wasn’t just honest and called the damn thing “miss information” with some kind of pinup logo. that woulda been more fun to market, and it woulda been more honest…

…oh yeah – that’s not their thing.

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  • Kramer Wetzel Feb 22, 2022 @ 20:10

    I miss the good old days when the republicans hated the Russian communists.

  • sean M Feb 23, 2022 @ 11:01

    oh, you mean back when they looked at totalitarian dictators with disdain instead of envy?

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