ice, ice, baby (again)

my pay kinda sucks…

…and i seem to be the only one that knows it.

my boss tells people, “oh, we give sean a little bump every year”, but either he sneaks me coke i’m unaware of, or he still thinks it’s 2018 back when we thought corona was just a mexican beer, because that’s the last time i got a “bump” in pay. hell, after multiple times of me bringing it up he agreed (reluctantly) to a bump if i took on extra shit (because the seventy-five things i already do aren’t enough, i guess) so i took over our website.

six months ago.

i haven’t bothered to learn anything really new when it comes to html. why? because in that six months i still haven’t seen that fucking raise.

shows how much some people’s word is worth, i suppose.

but with the exception of the pay, which i don’t even really LIKE much any more, i love my job, especially for the schedule flexibility. so, when we had an impending ice storm last week, i just quietly came in wednesday instead of thursday, and then sat out the shitty weather thursday at home with the fam. of course, this also delayed the home depot shipment that was supposed to come friday and contains a very heavy patio door, so i have to be here to help get it in the garage for storage till next week when my contractor can come out and install it.

but they could only come this thursday, which i normally work.

so, once again, i was able to just pop into austin wednesday, do the dang thing, and then sit at home thursday and wait for the truck with the orange trim, which is nice.

of course, that means next week will be the first time in three weeks i’ll have two days off in a row – i won’t know what to do with myself with all that time!

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