stoner marketing

sometimes it’s obvious that jobs don’t drug test…

…take, for example, jack in the box’s marketing department:

and now, it’s hitting convenience store shelves, too:

reece’s big peanut butter cups with POTATO CHIPS in them? there is NO way this isn’t stoner marketing. case in point, our home. “just give me your reece’s” has been the halloween mantra literally every year since before the boy could walk…but this was one peanut butter cup the ufc had ZERO interest in. meanwhile, i liked em but i’m also the only guy who smokes in the house.

hey, at least it’s becoming easier to access stoner food. my main dish that proves it’s becoming the norm is this latest offering from trudy’s tex-mex in austin:

tater tots covered in queso, avacado salsa, smoked chicken, sour cream, and roasted jalapeños. when i was a kid, this would be considered the perfect meal – chicken from the meat group, queso for dairy, avacado for vegetable, and taters for starch. all the food groups are represented. gee, wonder where all the health issues are coming from these days with lessons like that, huh?

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