i learned a new word today

on the way to the car wash the other day i passed a KFC and saw something i’d never seen before…

…a GREEN bucket in their window, versus the traditional red & white version:

they are, reportedly, the first major fast food chain to embrace plant based chicken flavored stuff. i remember this being one of the first vegetarian mean alternative choices back when (you learn about this bullshit when you’re friends with harold) and he used to brag about it tasting “just like chicken”, to which shane and i would reply, “so does FUCKING CHICKEN!”

while we all know the KFC has its eleven herbs, and spices, and i would assume flour to make it all stick together, i also woulda assumed a crucial ingredient was…you know…FUCKING CHICKEN.

the stuff only comes in nugget form and is battered and fried before it even hits the restaurant, but they are expected to RE-fry it to order, but not with a dedicated spot – same fryer as the chicken. it’s prepped on the same workstations as the chicken. they specifically say it is NOT for vegetarian or vegan customers because of how (or more specifically, “where”) it’s made but more for people that are, for environmental or whatever reasons, want some alternatives to animal proteins and they refer to these folks as “flexitarians”.

so that’s our new vocabulary word for the day. and as i have, only recently, started going back to KFC occasionally i don’t anticipate giving up my no plant version of a two piece and a biscuit anytime soon. don’t worry, my leafy friends, some of us have your back and won’t eat you!

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