return of the rona (omicron edition, part 2)

i hate when my conspiracy theory fueled friends have validation…

…but they did on this one.

as i mentioned recently, i caught the rona…allegedly. i say allegedly because of something a client posted:

see, this whole time we thought we all had the omicron. the boy had most of that chart, but i only had the cough (although i would argue the first and last things are related because a sore throat will easily begat a cough or vice versa) but i’ve never had a fever, etc, etc. meanwhile, the ufc had the whole list for omicron but her test site test came back “indeterminable” and we ran an OTC test on her last night (12/30/2021) after she said she could barely taste her chicken flauta plate and it came back NEGATIVE.

up till that point i wondered if these tests EVER came back negative because i used one of them monday (positive) and one of them the morning she took hers (also positive). i bought four, so i’m saving the last one for wednesday, the date of the next bit, and i’ll take it that morning and then write one last bit about this shit based on the results.


(or something like that)

ME never tested herself, but her husband popped positive on xmas and she had all the symptoms including a triple digit fever, but she told me that a lot of the OTC tests had flaws and gave false positives and that’s why “they’d had that recall”. i’d never heard of a recall, but she was right – although the test i used was not nearly that fancy. that one looks expensive – mine were ten bucks each.

typically it doesn’t make sense that cheaper = more accurate, but mine’s not app based, and i feel analog would win out on the less expensive test front for accuracy.

so per the latest cdc guidelines i have isolated for five days (or my version of that, which at one point contained an eight mile bike ride so i knew if i was having diminished lung capacity) and now i gotta mask up (ick) for five days and that will take us to wednesday (spoiler) where i’ll take my last test to see where i’m at, at that point ten days since initial positive test and two full weeks since initial “symptoms”.

gotta love science experiments where you’re the subject!

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