fencing, the second part

so, my weekend is tuesday and wednesday…

…and tuesday was more of an “education day”.

after demolishing the previous fence, i decided to pull out my “little friend” that was gonna help me do the “real labor” of digging the post holes:

(again, ordered from amazon back in march, but this time of THIS year)

but before i dealt with that, i hit the restroom. while in there, i decided to be more productive and looked up the order on amazon and hit the description (which is where i just grabbed the above pic) and in the notes it said it took 50:1 fuel (fifty parts gasoline to one part two stroke oil). you can buy that shit pre-mixed, so i went to the hardware store and bought a half gallon, which ran me seventeen bucks (not joe biden’s fault) and then i went home to pull out this beast (that’s what she said) and get it going. but when i pulled the box off the shelf i noticed it said “runs on 30:1 fuel“, which was a problem. so i took the 50:1 stuff back and bought two stroke oil, getting some gas along the way, and went home. but then the owner’s manual said “25:1 fuel” so grabbed the bottle that it came with for you to mix your fuel, and while if had four rations on it, the only one actually fully marked with a gas level line, was the 25:1, so that’s what i used.

you’re supposed to prime the engine three or four times, and throw the switch on “START”, and then yank the rope six or seven times, and once it all gets idling you flip the switch to “RUN” and go to town. but mine would never idle long enough for me to do that, so just flipped the switch to “RUN” and yanked the rope and it started right up.

that became the technique going forward

it bucked and kicked and tossed me around as it encountered many roots and clay and buried bits of cinder-block or concrete from previous posts (even though most of the previous posts were just set in dirt) and two hours later ONE of four holes were dug all the way, with the other three between ten and twenty-five percent complete depending on how deep the aforementioned industrial strength obstacles were, since they’d need to be dug out by hand, lest i destroy a $95 8×32″ drill bit. nik came out, saw where i was at, and suggested i just move the fence line back a couple feet and turn some “who gives a fuck” back yard into side yard.

i liked her plan…and that concluded tuesday.

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