now let’s never speak of it again

i realized we left something a bit unfinished…

…so we’ll change that real quick.

while we had wrapped up the tile thing, the other two alluded to in this bit didn’t get wrapped up till THIS PAST THURSDAY. that’s almost a month for this that should have taken a week. and while i know that both companies involved, if pressed, would probably lean on the ‘rona excuse, i think that’s just a fucking cop out.

first, the three shirts for my boss – in their defense, they’re a small mom & pop shop with only about six or seven people on the manufacturing end, so when three all disappear at once (due to fired, quit, and a motorcycle accident) that will slow things to a crawl. i get that. but i never saw art proofs or an invoice, so i’m trusting that all went down gratis.

then, my glasses – now last i’d heard they were fed up with the lab they used in dallas and were sending my frames out to oakley itself to put in prescription sun-glass lenses. but they arrived with that weird tint halo my other ones have, that i’ve never experienced, and it was explained that they cut the lenses after their dipped and so the edges end up clear or something? seems like oakley proper wouldn’t do that, but these still have the same halo. my theory is they didn’t send em out but used that to buy their own lab a couple extra weeks. wish that halo wasn’t there, but at least i finally got em back…two months after i gave them to to them.

fuck, at least next time i know what to expect!

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