rona rewind

ya know what’s weird?

i know rona is almost worse than ever. i’ve had good friends succumb to it in the last couple months. it sucks. but i still refer to “back during the rona” for the two months the shops were closed by state mandate, and then everything since then (march 25-may 25 2020) is referred as “since the rona” even though it’s still an ongoing thing. but i AM vaccinated (the j&j one and done back at the tail end of april) and i don’t really ever wear masks anymore, so it feels like it’s behind us…

…but of course, it isn’t.

in our local school district kids are getting home after dark. why? because there’s a massive bus driver shortage so a bus driver fills up with kids, drives and drops off for “route a”, then goes BACK around, collects another load of kids, and heads back after that to drive and drop off for “route b”. why the shortage? because they all caught da rona from all the fucking kids!

i have a couple “friends” (they’re mainly clients of the shop or relatives of girls i used to go out with and am still close to, but there are some actual friends in the mix, too) that are hard core anti-mask and anti-vaccine…of course, they call themselves just normal because it is NOT normal for us to all have to get masked up and vaccinated.

i do actually agree with that.

but i noticed one of them, who had really argued some bullshit points with me pretty early on, had been strangely silent. and then i saw the post – a pic of her little girl, curled up in bed with a blanket and stuffed animal, and the caption “after a rough three weeks our little princess is finally back at home! #covidsucks”

it was the first post she’d done on insta since she did that “first day of pre-k!” post at the beginning of september, where the kid was, of course, not wearing a mask or anything.

i wonder if she feels differently about it all now? i wonder if she realizes her little girl caught it from another kid who’s parents feel the same way SHE does?

probably not.

stop gambling with your family – at least get the fucking vaccine. no, we don’t know what all the long term side effects will be. yes, you still might get sick – but it’ll be a lot milder with it. as a billboard scott & white had up said (and they oughta know) – “95% of covid victims are unvaccinated”

yes, that means that five percent, on ventilators, got the vaccine and still got slapped in the face with that spiky covid cock. but do the math on that shit and act accordingly!

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