i don’t always roll joints, but when i do, it’s my ankle

so, tuesday was rocking along nicely before lunch…

…i did a little car upgrade, which will probably prove to be an expensive project overall, but so far has been pretty damn fulfilling so i can’t bitch if just step one makes me smile. then i showered up (desperately needed) and went to grab us lunch. when i got home the ufc went to get off the couch and come to the table, slipped, and there was a pop. she sat down quickly in pain saying she thought she hurt her ankle. by the time i’d gotten from our fridge to the couch (about thirty feet or so) i didn’t have to ask which one – the swelling told me.

we finished our food, and all the while she was wincing and on her phone looking up in network providers. keep in mind – she currently WORKS for a health insurance place, and i haven’t had health insurance in over a decade. and when i’ve had it, i’ve never used it, so i know ZERO about all that “in network…” shit. we went to the closest place only to be told that they don’t do x-rays unless you have an appointment, and good luck getting through their phone system to get one of those. we’ve been hung up on by their system enough that we just said, “fuck it”.

we went to another about twenty minutes away and while we were waiting to see just speak to the counter person (and fifth in line for that) we heard a woman in the lobby take a call from her spouse and tell him there was about a four hour wait so we just walked out and got ice cream.

(true story – it doesn’t fix anything, but it doesn’t hurt it either)

so now we’re at home with the RICE method (rest, ice, compress, elevate) and looking into hitting a place that will do x-rays first come, first serve, in san marcos tomorrow. i’ll add an update as this all progresses, but needless to say anything else i was supposed to do responsible on my days off has been postponed.

september 1st update

so per the x-ray nothing appears to be broken, and the fact that nothing is too “floppy” (eewww) nothing should be torn, but she’s so swollen it’s hard to tell. she was sent out with a prescription for a more boss version of tylenol and a more robust version of the boot she had for her ankle to the tune of $150 or so (fortunately she, unlike myself, has insurance). we have a follow up visit in two more wednesdays so we’ll see where this takes us!

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