the mow(st) fun yard work

so, the other day i decided i needed to mow the yard because a storm was coming and that way it would water everything for me…

…i will openly admit i do this a LOT.

my front yard is in three separated sections, which i’ll label just label…

section 1 – most westerly, second largest
section 2 – centered up, smallest
section 3 – most easterly, by far the largest

so, i started in on section one and about half way through the temperature dipped and the wind started. we’ve had more rain this summer than i can recall in years (but keep in mind that from what i’m told climate change is a liberal hoax) and we’ve had plenty of times that LOOKED like rain but nothing ever fell, even though we had the temperature drop and the wind start, so i figured we were headed for that.


about five minutes later i felt the first drops. by the time i made a couple passes on section 2 it had started to rain with a bit more purpose behind it. i told myself, “i’ll just keep this going until it gets stupid to do so”, but by the time it DID get stupid to do so, i only had about two or three passes left on that part, so i went ahead and did it…but it was coming down with such gusto that by the time i finished those two to three passes i still had the largest section left and i was soaked to where i could feel my socks squishing in my boots and my yard gloves were even soaked through to the skin.

in for a penny, in for a pound

so i pressed on. i have to admit, at this point it was just fun. yeah, it was muddy. yeah, i can see some spots i could really stand to touch up now. but i had a blast getting there, and i wasn’t hot or sweaty, just getting soaked through to the bone and literally laughing my fool ass off through the bulk of it. i don’t think i did the mower any harm, but i guess time will tell on that one.

i had to strip down in the carport and bag my clothes before i came in so i didn’t drip everywhere, but it was a blast and the yard looks pretty good (and VERY good compared to how it looked when i started) so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it – rain mowing is a LOT of fun!

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