and so it begins

last week it happened…

…i’d been warned about it. you hear things. people talk. but then, when it happens to you, even though you’d been told it was coming, it still kinda catches you off guard and it leaves you wondering, “well, how did i get here?”

my first aarp mailing, this is.


and yet here we are. i went a little nuts on this birthday and overspent a bit on myself in addition to the trip and some other really high dollar expenses (i’ll get into those on the next bit) so my credit is far below the “old guy credit” level my dad had. but i recently got an email from credit karma about my anniversary with them (four years) and talking about how, when i started, my credit score was under 450 and now even with all the bullshit i’ve done to myself i’m still more than a couple hundred over that.

shit, maybe i am getting to “old guy credit” status?

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