the death of e

i should quickly state this isn’t about long time astrowhore reader/contributor/muse “ME”…

…although my last calls and texts to her have gone unanswered, but she goes through her anti-social periods, more so since we landed on either side of an election or two but never mind that now.

no, this is the death of a different “e”. they say you know a trend is dead and buried when corporate america jumps on board. well, many, many, MANY of us gave up on internet exploder years ago (i jumped to firefox, most of my friends do google chrome) and even back when we typically did netscape (now i’m dating myself) but right, wrong, or indifferent we all still have internet explorer because…well…we kinda had to. it was built into every windows release and was inevitably the browser we all used ONE TIME to go to the site for the browser we wanted, download it, and banish that little blue e off our desktops until the next windows update forced the conversation again.

but now even microsoft has realized that it’s time to let it go and the latest incarnation of windows ten doesn’t have it.

fucking finally.

you know they can’t JUST be your operating system, though, right? there has to be another sequel waiting in the wings to suck…you just know it. so i guess we’ll bide our time and wait and see what our next one use deletable browser will be!

in this day and age, how is “deletable” not a real word yet?

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