the drain rain (part iii)

so, as this is being written we’re on day nine of our “five day plumbing project”…

…yeah, at this point saying that in quotes seems necessary.

friday they were supposed to come out and finish the vent on the pump and start smoothing out the clay and rock filled range that is the bulk of our yard. all the plumbing is up and operational, it’s just the spit and polish that’s left. that being said, the “spit and polish” is what’s making me nervous.

for one, there’s the tunnel under the house where i was able to snap the “hey look i was under my own slab” picture…

it was supposed to be filled in not just with dirt, but with some concrete reinforcement since it is a big gaping hole under my foundation. well, not only did his crew not do that, but they didn’t even use all the dirt as evident by the huge fucking dirt mound under a tarp across a good chunk of my backyard. they also didn’t really fill the trench too well as there was still a distinct waterway where the pipe is both between the laundry and kitchen (so it was a nice little canal right outside the back door) and then off from the pit the pump is in across the whole yard. wide enough we could almost call it our own lazy river if it had a current.

and speaking of the “pump pit” we had rain midweek that lifted the pump completely and had it floating about a foot high, as evident by the pics of it before and after water was (predominantly) removed from the pit:

you can see how the thing is floating about a foot higher in the water, which of course strains all pipe joints, but i did a small load of laundry while after it was “sunk” and there was no leakage i could see so i’m thinking we came out unscathed. see the cords in the mud in the bottom corner? yeah, those were supposed to be re-routed to some kind of conduit so it looked a bit less ghetto but they didn’t do that, either, so i attacked the “outhouse pipe” they put in but told me we didn’t really need…

turning it on the temporary to this:

(you’ll notice the pump is now back to floating height after some rain even though they supposedly “sunk it”)

and the rest of the exhaust pipe became this:

so today was rain-less and stuff is starting to dry out. the yard still looks like ass, and a lot of dirt needs to be moved around. they were supposed to come by friday and fix the vent situation on the pump but nobody ever came, called, nada. now we’re on monday, day eleven, and nothing.

if he thinks, at this point, he’s still getting another $9,200.00 out of me he’s out of his fool ass mind.

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