the drain pain (part ii)

so, we left off at “the rains came”…

(that’s the pit the pump was supposed to go in)

that’s the tunnel i went in to take the under the slab pic, now completely full of water)

(and that’s the start of the moat that runs around 75% of my house)

so needless to say not much got done on the backyard last wednesday (day three of the five days they said this would take) but that was okay – we needed to get the front of the house settled up first, because when all the clay came up we had all the showers and bathrooms emptying into the front yard.

so, at least that got did.

we wrapped wednesday with that, and thursday i went to the shop, but i swear all that got done was they laid down some pipe after digging the slight “misses” in the trench (spots that couldn’t be machine dug like under the fence and around the gas line), water was pumped out of the trench to the outskirts of my backyard (flooding the adjacent yards, which i’m sure my neighbors loved) and that was about it. friday was just the great search for the kitchen drain, that turned out to be a constant chisel and look and there we were. we spent the weekend unable to use our kitchen sink or do laundry, and that was after we’d passed day five of the five days they said it would take…

…so on to day six, which was this past monday (i’ll spot them the weekends, i guess). i went to work again, but this time came home to everything hooked together, including this god awful shit:

which to me looks like a hillbilly outhouse chimney, so this will be going away soon, according to my plumber, who said it just had to be put in to pass inspection, which we did this morning.

but then, before trenches could be filled and pumps could be buried underground as they should be, the rains came…again.

(to be continued)

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