roscoe’s & exploding cookies (a tuesday twofer)

we haven’t done a tuesday twofer in a while…

…so here’s one based on a recent grocery run.

precision baking

one thing that’s seemed to get worse with ‘rona is spoiled food on shelves. either there’s NO food, or there’s OLD food. it’s like we’re living in what we all heard russia was like in the 1980’s…and then there’s the other side of the pendulum:

i’ve heard of an expiration date…but an expiration TIME? is your shit that delicate? i wanted to have the last two for dessert after lunch – good thing i ate early that day! if i’d have waited till noon it would have been rotten shit!

how do we know this is accurate?

there’s a whole movement in dog food about just feeding em meat like they’d have eaten in the wild, which kinda makes sense, and then there’s the other side of the pendulum:

the chicken i get – lord knows the budnik loves him some chicken. but why does he need waffles? what dog needs waffles? i’ve only truthfully had chicken ‘n waffles in taco form (welcome to texas) and it ain’t bad…but it also ain’t healthy. my dogs need not know this level of poor nutrition!

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