am i on the shorts bus?

i’m known for lots of characteristic “looks”…

…but shorts being part of the equation is a common theme.

if i wear a beanie, and layer the shirt part, i can usually rock shorts down to fifty degrees or just below. i prefer shorts. but even i know when to say when. so when a few weeks ago, i saw people running around in temps in the single digits AND wearing shorts to do so, i’m not gonna lie – i finally had that look on my face that others have with me occasionally. you know the one…where you can just tell they’re questioning your sanity.

if it’s cold enough to make your electricity and water go away, it’s cold enough to make your bare legs go away.

the first day i ventured out in the ridiculousness was sunday when i watched a guy totally bust his ass walking out of wal-mart with a bouquet of flowers in each hand (it was valentine’s day). i ran there and the grocery store and was home by noon or so, and after having to drive the entire town at school zone speed declared i was done and would not be venturing out again. i didn’t drive again till tuesday night, which was good, because in the interim this…

turned to this…

(yeah, i know they’re not in the same spot – so not the point)

i went outside a bunch, just never left our compound. but you had to get out enjoy the snow with the pups, and i never once wore shorts. i don’t even know how far your nuts crawl up in shorts in that weather and i don’t wanna…lest we forget, i put metal down there in the 90’s that’s still there and metal, unlike all the tissue around it, don’t shrink.

the next time i went out (in long pants) was wednesday for a liquor store run, then right back home till friday when i did a taco run (we have our priorities).

so if you wore shorts in that shit i figure ‘rona is the least of your issues…

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  • Kramer Mar 7, 2021 @ 15:49

    Tacos. Tequila. Priorities? More like just essentials for L town, amiriteorwhat?

    I think we draw the line when water becomes solid, but that’s just me.

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