shit’s gettin’ real

just like the ‘rona, it’s all just a media thing until it hits you…

…and now it has.

to not jinx us, i hadn’t posted that through this whole thing we’d never lost power or water or…well…anything. all our heating structure is gas, and till today the only thing we’d “done without” was satellite signal, but i just had to chuck a snowball at the back of the dish to knock the snow on it loose and we were good.

but now we’re without water.

it’s easy to tell yourself, “we have it easy, there are people in austin who’ve been without power and/or water since monday…” which is true. shit, two of our five shops have been without power or water since monday. but why? i’ll grant you, this is an unprecedented event, but it seems like there should have been a LITTLE prep? it’s not like we didn’t know this was coming, and the real pain doesn’t seem to be snow or ice but the strain on the electric and water supply…and THAT should have been avoidable.

hopefully this is a “teachable moment” for our local municipalities.

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  • Kramer Wetzel Feb 17, 2021 @ 14:49

    Three buckets of snow are about one toilet flush.

  • sean M Feb 18, 2021 @ 9:18

    i was pretty amazed it took that much, i have to admit

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