tis STILL the season?

2021 is already shaping up to be a muthaphuka, ain’t it?

in many ways it feels like 2020 never ended. some people can’t let the election go. i was going to avoid all that shit completely going forward, but let me drop two last little nuggets for anybody who might be reading this and hasn’t chatted with reality yet:

1. donald j trump never stopped lying to you

2. THIS is what happens when a spoiled rich bitch here’s “NO” for the first time he can’t buy or bully it into a “yeah, okay, fine”:

but, moving onward and upward (in many senses of the phrase) it does seem like we’re not in “2021” but rather “2020 2.0 – The Continuation” in many ways. for example, the holidays HAVE come and gone, right? we never had a mcgathering, i never saw my sister or uncle, and we didn’t do lasagna. in many ways it feels like xmas still hasn’t happened, which makes 2020 feel like it’s still going. this doesn’t help:

that’s the house directly across from mine. and here’s the one next to it:

and the one next to that…

and the restaurant where i had lunch over forty miles from my home:

and all these pics were taken on JANUARY 15th! i typically leave the decorations up, inside, until os goes back to school…he leaves a house of holiday festiveness and comes home from school to our typical badassery of decor. but this year we didn’t even bother decorating since it was just us and nobody was coming over. so to have no decorations ever go up here and have them STILL up everywhere else i think is just throwing my mental calendar off. would it be wrong to ask em to take that shit down?

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