twenty-four hours of impossible? (part ii)

sometimes in life you have to enjoy the little things…

…and today i decided to be mask free. all day. not from when i took it off for the last time yesterday, but for the entirety of tuesday, plus all that time yesterday, and i suppose until tomorrow when i head off to san marcos. so, probably almost forty hours mask free when all is said and done.

ain’t it sad that this seems like a major thing?

took the boy to school this morning and never got out of the car, so no mask. ran to help a friend with some stuff at their house mask-free, then came home. won’t leave my newly refinanced property until tomorrow when, again, i take the boy to school. then it’s off to san marcos to the car wash and the gym and probably lunch…which is where a mask will have to kick back on. but by then we’ll reach forty hours.

sad that it’s nice, honestly…but so goes our world these days.

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