gettin’ high on some shit (a flashback)

some days, even back in 2007, i couldn’t make this shit up…

get a hold of any bad shit lately?

by sean ~ November 7th, 2007. Filed under: Uncategorized.

i once had a friend who went to rehab and learned you could get high shooting gasoline in your tongue…

…but this beats that, hands down.

or ass down, as the case may be.

i hoped this was made up. i prayed this was made up. but considering how many news stations reported on it last night either we have ALL been duped or the up and coming generation is LITERALLY going down the toilet…

…to get high.

america’s wang (i.e. the state of florida) has done it again – sunk to an all new low in grabbing a headline. the state known for popping people for selling 2 live crew records, giving us marilyn manson, and using “new math” to count votes has now learned what thousands in third world countries already knew – human waste, when placed in the sun, will ferment and produce a foul smelling gas; and if you trap that gas in a balloon and huff it, you get hallucinations and a “euphoric high.” sadly, said countries discovered this first, and then florida hopped on the trend…

…just another example of the white man trying to steal the black man’s thunder. i guess.

in case any of you are wanting to try this just ask your local connection for “jenkem”. and then promptly lose the url to this page.

while they love the pretty colors and “being out of it” for days at a time, the main complaint from kids is that you have a nasty taste in your mouth that can last for days…from huffing gas…produced by fermenting pee and poo. go figure.

”you know what scares me, carl? what wakes me up at night? that these kids…these right here…when i get old, they’re going to be the ones to take care of me…”

**i wouldn’t count on it…**

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