twen twen can fuck right off (part ii)

so, i said today’s bit would be positive…

…but it’s kinda hard to be positive about a year that had a global pandemic, the country getting deeper divided, and my dad dying. it’s also the first holiday a lot of us are facing without the loved ones we’re used to having around, be it from real death or just the avoidance of it.

that last part would typically be positive, but my one relative i’ve always locked horns with has actually been pretty pleasant the last few years, although i WON’T miss the dogs going ape shit because they’re on lock down so their wagging tales don’t bruise his shins.

and that’s kind of the positive of the negative, i suppose. the absence of bullshit. we have the pandemic, and numbers getting worse, but there’s also a vaccine some are willing to gamble on and try, which provides a slight uptick until it makes people take unnecessary risks and drive numbers up or, as some of my friends would have you believe, bill gates starts tracking them and gets them to remotely grow flippers or whatever.

but there’s a vaccine, so i guess that provides some possible light at the end of the tunnel?

then there’s the whole election thing. yeah, he lost. but he doesn’t think he did. and he’s convinced a wealth of dipshits he didn’t. so, as i stated before, i guess we’ll all see where we’re at on january 6th when the electoral votes that were placed based on certified elections get re-certified by congress…or not. shit, who knew this process had so many steps? shit, another positive to 2020 – we all basically re-took part of freshmen collegiate poli-sci.

and there were some personal triumphs on my end. we finally got a new couch. we’re mid re-fi and should be doing some pretty major home improvements by the end of the year. and in theory betty should be fully blacked out soon, and her new front tires make her look mean as shit. so, there’s that too.

and the real positive is that i’ve had lots of quality time with the wife, os, and the pups. two months off sucked and didn’t suck all at the same time.

and that’s the note i’ll end this year on…see ya in 2021!

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