never my ass

they tell you to never meet your heroes…

…but i’ve met a lot of celebrities, and with few exceptions (jack black, who i think was just having a bad day, and pauly shore, who i legitimately think was a dick) i’ve never been disappointed.

and my favorite artist held up nicely.

i own a ridiculous amount of coop stuff. i’ve bought stuff as recently as cyber monday. but the one before that was a bit more special because the man himself gave it to me. it’s not personally inscribed or anything, but it was cool to meet an artist who’s work i really treasure in person. it was for professional reasons – they were trying to see if we could be an outlet for their retail stuff, and we were trying to get a print out that was our shop theme, but done by the man himself.

and shortly after that he decided to take some time off to focus on family and take a hiatus from creating new art. that kind of thing happens. lord knows i have my moments of mental blockage. so i’m gonna wait till after the first of the year to reach back out and see how things are going. like most of my idols i’ve had the fortune of chatting with in person he was smaller than i expected (two quick exceptions that come to mind are eddie griffin, who was about the size i pictured, and b real from cypress hill, who was much taller and larger than i expected) but he was fun to chat with, and i still kinda feel bad the two of us rambled to the point of not really letting his assistant get much of a word in.

but it was a good time and it’s nice to know one of my favorite pop artists is now an austinite. hopefully we can work together in the near future on getting that print did.

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