civics lesson 2020 – the winter break

all things in america seem to take a winter break…

…hell, even this site takes one the week from xmas to new years.

say what you wish about the spectacle that is the 2020 election (we all knew he wouldn’t go quietly into that good night) but it has taught us a LOT about the electoral process and the way it all comes together. yesterday the electoral college voted and locked it all down. everything is certified. everything is voted. nothing, on a state level, is reversible. biden celebrated his victory lock down with a speech.

and the other guy filed more state lawsuits.

he’s fucking this up on multiple levels. for one, he has a ridiculously rabid fan base that basically just stopped sending their money to the minister on tv and started sending it to him. ignoring the record debt the country’s in because of his ludicrous budget “plans” (he promised to eliminate the $19,900,000,000 debt in eight years, instead signing orders to eliminate the ceiling and pushing it up to $27,000,000,000 as of october) he has a personal debt of almost half a billion dollars that comes a knocking soon after he leaves office. even after all the taxpayer cash he’s shoved in his pockets he doesn’t even come close to being able to pay this off. and while barr (who just resigned yesterday) has protected him that protection all goes away january 21st, 2021. he’s raised more than half the money he needs from his fan base, and i figured that’s where it would go.

but instead the bulk of it appears to be going to save america. and i don’t mean he’s helping the country, i mean the PAC he started the fucking day after the election got called for biden, and the rest is paying for the lawyers for his fifty plus lawsuits that he lost.

an amendment to an expression that came out while i was in college – “while ‘no’ means ‘no’, ‘no’ fifty times just means ‘you’re a fucking moron for not letting this shit go’, okay?”

so all the electoral college voted, and with zero surprises or hold outs (i was shocked). but now it has to be certified by the senate, with pence presiding. that’s on january 6th. so i guess for now, we just sit in this holding pattern where all looks to be okay. we’ll see where this takes us, because the idiot and his even more idiotic council have said they’ll keep up the fight till the literal hour before the inauguration.

i’ve heard of “beating a dead horse”, but when you’re standing in the craft section of wal-mart smacking the glue bottles with your riding crop, you just look like a crazy person…and that’s what this last “president” is doing.

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