and they still get my money weekly (a flashback)

there was no perfectly aged bit for today…

…and i was just telling the kid that was doing my rims this story the other day, so…

12/29/2007: “a rare one”
once in a great while i do something incredibly stupid that DOESN’T involve a woman…

…and this was a biggie.

i had plenty of errands to run and my car looked like crap. those two are completely unrelated, but accurate. i wondered if the car wash was even open, seeing as how it had been pretty chilly. but they were open.

and slammed.

i ended up number six in one of the two lines. i got my ticket and headed out with ninety minutes to kill – i went to blockbuster to look at previewed dvds and then realized i had dropped the car at 3:30, and the cigar joint closes at 5:00. no way i could make it by car, and it was a pretty day – low sixties, and sunny.

i decided to walk it.

it’s about a mile to a mile and half hike, and i wandered over, got my smokes, and began the trek back. on the way back i was on the phone with a friend telling her the story when she asked if my car would be ready when i got back – i said, “sure – let me check the receipt…it’s time stamped.” i start digging and that’s when it hit me – right as i said…

“hold up – it’s right here, but it’s tangled up in my keys…”

my keys – if you didn’t read that.

i called them – and started the call with, “hi, i’m an idiot…” the response on the other end of the line?

“you drive the green camaro convertible, don’t you?”

yeah, that would be me.

and it turns out this happens there at least once a week; where some idiot (in this case, me) leaves his (or her) car in line and takes off with the keys. they told me typically the person does it after they pull their car up close, ultimately shutting down half the wash until they come back. so at least i didn’t do that. when i walked up and handed my keys over they said they had good news and bad news…

…the good news? they weren’t gonna charge me for storing my car.

the bad? it would now be ANOTHER hour before my car was ready. i was gonna bail ’cause i had tons of shit to do, but after blocking half their lane (at least back enough to where people could get around me, but we’ll go into that in a sec) i figured i owed them, so i got the ultimate wash (to the tune of $27).

they said they used my car as an i.q. test – they would time people to see how long it took after they got in line behind me and when they realized the car was empty and they needed to go around.

that’s kinda funny.

so, i got my car (after waiting out the hour with logan’s dinner) and headed out to harlold’s (house – studio still m.i.a. for now) and then shane’s (where i’m finishing this up).

booze time…ufc time…holler at ya later.

everyone have a great 2k8! next entry will be next year – at some point.

2020 note – this is now the washtub in san marcos, where i have a membership and get black betty washed weekly. and i put my fob in the center console before i even turn on the fuck street they’re located on!

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