what is my problem lately

i will admit, it’s not like my life is really that adventurous these days…

…but while i have (so far) successfully ducked the ‘rona, i have not ducked the writer’s block.

and i’m not quite sure why.

i am quite sure that’s why content has been lacking in both quality, and occasionally quantity around here. there’s always that old adage – “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. but when you can’t think of anything at all, do you need to try and figure out something nice? i mean, when all that’s going on outside my house is really just ‘rona on the rise, republican retardness on the rise, and the morbid curiosity if in two weeks the electorate will “go rogue” and bring 45 back from the grave, i really ain’t got much else to chat about.

or at least, nothing that comes to mind.

let’s see where we can take this…

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