accentuate the positive

a quick not to anybody who might read this page and either is, or might eventually, run for public office…

…try talking about the good YOU’LL do, not the shit the other person did you don’t like.

fucking seriously.

i was in the gym yesterday morning and ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the ads on whatever morning schlock tv they had running were political attack ads. some of them, quite literally, never even mentioned the candidate they were actually “for”. they just talked mad shit about how so and so wants to take your guns, or loves ANTIFA, or supports higher drug prices, or homeless people being able to camp in your yard.

not a single word to the effect of, “but our candidate picks fights with the homeless, and laughs at midgets, and supports lesbians as long as they’re hot, and does all the other shit you and your boys love to do, so vote for them instead!”

where’s that rhetoric?

i realize that we are coming up to what is one of the most watched, most divisive, most polarizing election of our time, and that no matter who wins the “main event” a lot of people are gonna be pissed and some violence might go down. it’s possible it’ll be a stolen election. it’s possible it’ll be a landslide. it’s also possible we won’t know the “real outcome” for weeks. here in texas we’ve already had over nine MILLION motherfuckers vote early, which is more than voted in 2016 TOTAL. it’s possible that is due to people not wanting to deal with shit on tuesday, or maybe things will still be slammed then and we’ll have record numbers across the board.

at this point, let’s face it – pretty much anything is possible.

but what REALLY needs to be possible is a little positivity. can we make that the 2024 plan, assuming our country can hold together that long?

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