great again…again?

i’m confused…

…or maybe i’m just overthinking shit, knowing that nothing associated with this individual is meant to be thought about, just accepted on blind faith and stupidity regardless of adherence to ration or logic. but the new adoption of the 2016 slogan “make america great again” by idiots that will vote a man back in who, through his own ignorance, arrogance, and incompetence has killed one hundred times the americans that died on 9/11, is baffling to me.

he didn’t “rebuild it” before…unless you give credit to the guy who took the ball at the one yard line after the other guy ran it the ninety-nine yards and crossed the goal line. remember the “great recession”? yeah, that happened under republican watch, and (despite what your uncle says on facebook) obama fixed it. i mean, not him alone – a bunch of financial wizards flooded big banks with lots of money to float things through. and the banks ALL paid us, the tax payer, back…with interest. all in the economy made a nine figure profit when all was paid back.

and in walked the guy who’s banner mission was to “save the coal industry”, which, let me say for emphasis and as a point of fact, he DID NOT DO. here’s another fun fact – if he had said he was going to save the starbuck’s baristas everybody would have laughed – but there are actually more people employed by starbuck’s as baristas in the united states than there are employed by the entire coal industry. that’s right – it had shrunk THAT much by the time he came in to “save” it. and he still failed. but i’m sure he nursed that rough news with a swig of trump brand vodka and a trump branded steak…

…oh yeah, both of those ventures (along with many, many, MANY others) failed. in his defense, he doesn’t drink and he doesn’t really eat “steak” as he insists it be cooked well done and takes it with ketchup. he should stick to what he knows, but other than fucking over people and failing financially that ain’t much.

so to say “make america great again”, to me, says make it as great as it was BEFORE trump got a hold of it…which i can totally get behind.

bragging about the body work your buddy can do to fix your car when he’s the one that got drunk, swiped your keys, and rocketed it into a tree seems pointless to me. shouldn’t he have just not fucked it up in the first place? not that that’s anything to brag about – that’s common courtesy and respect for your fellow man, but again, something that seems to constantly be lacking with this crowd. oh, they’re courteous and sweet as long as you blindly follow the head idiot off the cliff…but correct it, or “talk all faggy” by pointing out why that is fucking moronic, and they’ll punch you in the face. literally.

folks, i don’t mean to burst your bubble, but i’ve got a point to make here and i want you to realize, even as we’re two weeks before the election, this still rings true:

while comedy clubs might have a two drink minimum, this guy has a two comma minimum. in other words, if you haven’t written him a check with at least two commas in the number, he doesn’t give a shit about you.

to show i’m not completely negative, here’s the one time i will admit he one hundred percent told the truth:

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