we know more than potatoes and whiskey, damn it!

“dude, that was a really awesome sandwich!”

is something i’ve never said walking out of a subway…ever. i grew up running around austin – if you wanted a long, narrow sandwich we had thundercloud. it was good. it lacked preservatives. and it ruled the sandwich market in austin…until subway came to town. don’t get my wrong – the cloud is still around, but it would be a LOT bigger were it not for the national conglomerate that seemed to spring up everywhere.

i remember the first one i ever dined at was a block off the drag and 24th street with my buddy daiv. we never went back. in college i still preferred the cloud or alvin’s. but when i started at sundance record, which was literally sandwiched between two sandwich shops – alvin’s and subway. it was around the corner from a quizno’s, and catercorner from a blimpie’s.

needless to say we had options.

but subway had that little card most people didn’t use…

…and their staff would fill them with the little stamps and trade us full punch cards for a couple bucks off a CD or what have you, so we all had a few full cards in our cars for the day or two before payday when money got tight. that’s what i started to equate eating subway with – financial desperation. it fell in line just after two tacos from jack-in-the-box.

so while over twenty years ago i knew subway wasn’t really food, a couple weeks ago the irish supreme court ruled that their bread isn’t actually bread due to its high sugar content. now if we could just get them to see it as a non-food we’d be good to go!

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