i’d like a VI but i’ll settle for a III

i’ve never had any interest in collecting coins…

until now.

i mean, i keep the ones that might be worth something – small face bills i have quite a few of, including a couple 100s and a fifty, and bicentennial quarters and texas quarters ’cause we texans do that kind of shit. but these roman spintaria ones are a trip!

the thought is they were used in brothels to pay for sexual acts depicted on them. that way if the girl didn’t speak the language of the client he just had to produce a coin with this on the front…

and she knew she was going for a ride. and he’d paid his eleven asses (what they were actually called back then)

i found some decent reproductions on eBay, but none of the real deal. i wonder how hard these are gonna be to find? the reproductions ran about seven bucks a coin…wonder what the real deal runs?

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