tuesday twofer – the aarp edition?

so, here’s a pair of fun stories from today…

…i always wake up to a couple dozen emails between personal and shop shit. one was from paypal talking about how my account got suspended:

except it didn’t. as you can see by the right side of the screen shot, the email did NOT come from paypal, which is why there’s that weird gobbledygook as a return address. i hovered over the “Log In To PayPal” button for the screenshot because it will show you on the bottom left where the button is taking you, and you can see that ain’t paypal either. the technically unsaavy might fall for this. or seniors. i am neither…

…or am i?

i am still in my forties but got a post card about a new SENIOR LIVING APARTMENT COMPLEX in san marcos? what the ever loving fuck? i am FAR from senior, and still pretty active. plus, i own my own home – why the fuck would i rent an apartment? this just has me all sorts of confused…and it came to my middle name, versus my legal first name where most solicitation and bill collection goes, so i can’t quite figure out the angle on this bullshit.

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  • Kramer Sep 1, 2020 @ 17:02

    Hey, sonny boy, never too early to think about a retirement home for yo’ happy ass.

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