lather, rinse, repeat

let’s talk about soap…

…and no, this isn’t a CoVid bit, nor will it end with us starting an underground fight club.

(although saying that does kinda make we wanna try and make a fight club themed bit header)

i used bar soap growing up. we mainly had ivory in the house, due to mom’s sensitive skin. i am well acquainted with the taste of ivory due to me mouthing off more than a bit as a teenager. as a result i can’t even take the SMELL of ivory now. but i moved on to dial and other bar soaps…

(although we never had irish spring around when i was a kid, maybe because it would be too stereotypical? more on that in a bit)

in the 90’s i discovered how much easier it was to just use a mesh sponge and liquid soap versus bar soap and a washcloth, and that was it. i bounced around with some of the axe shit when it came out, just ’cause it was liquid soap that wasn’t too girly smelling, then got into some of the old spice liquid crap, then a girl i was dating gave me irish spring (so much for that stereotype avoidance) and i liked that it lathered better than the smelly shit so i stuck with it to this day.

but it’s weird to see the kid go through the same shit now – he moved from kids soap to axe, but his variety isn’t nearly as date rapey as my shit smelled – more woodsy.

what’s odd is i can’t find “my size” on this shit lately. i’ve found with all things i use to clean myself, a pump is key. give me a pump and you give me portion control. otherwise i use more than i should and burn through it quickly.

a liter of shampoo + a pump on the bottle = 2½ years of shampoo. no bullshit!

so i’m currently typing this while i wait for my soap to funnel from the bottle i could get to a pump bottle so i don’t rip through it too quick.

i just realized this might very well be the most caucasian privileged bullshit i’ve ever written. people are dying from a global pandemic, the economy is in the shitter, and i’m griping about not being able to get irish spring in a pump bottle.

yep, that just happened…

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