was i part of the problem? a glance back at the last week

the tattoo industry is VERY superstitious…

…and that shit rubs off on you.

so i had this theory – during the close down i came up with a header that kinda made fun of the “corona” virus by redoing the beer logo and ran it…

…for quite a while.

the little bit of spanish in the middle says “this pandemic is horse shit”, in case you’re curious…that’s just me being sick of it, not being one of those “hoax” fuckers!

the original plan was to run it till we were back to normal, under the ignorant ass assumption that was just around the corner, but of course that didn’t happen. but then it hit me – what if this was partially my fault? does the astrowhore still wield it’s otherworldly powers like that? i had to know – so i pulled it down a bit ago and put up another header i had used in the past just…well…because. i think it had been up since easter and then when i missed the first day of the month (when i usually change them out) i just said fuck it and let it ride…and things kept getting worse, pandemic-wise, here in the states.

i’ll admit – i am one of those people that, when i went back to work, i started referring to “pre-corona” and “post-corona” based on when our shops were open or closed. as i’ve stated several times, we are ridiculously slammed and have been since we reopened. summer time was always steady, but never quite like it’s been. this past weekend seemed to taper off and i don’t know if that’s viral fear of going out or people just shot their wad (financially speaking) on fourth of july weekend.

but we’re still doing pretty damn good. and i’m hoping it stays that way.

but as far as the fate of the nation goes, i just had to see – if i dropped the header off here and didn’t have a viral pun up top, would numbers decline? i suppose we’ll see…

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