the naughty ninja normal?

i admit pandemic culture is gonna be with us a bit…

…but i hardly think it’s permanent.

at least the anti-mask folks have realized they can just wear mesh and breathe while still technically being “compliant” –

but what i don’t get is people that go nuts about this shit. i’m not a fan. i’m warm natured, so having a mask on in texas in the summer sucks for me. a lot. and i’m egotistical enough to think my echinacea regiment will protect me. which it might. but the people making all the mask arguments? shit, that’s SO 1919…

no – seriously. that is a 100 year old thing and shows a lot of the current arguments.

of course, we live in a land where a 2,000 year old tome of historical fiction is literally what people base laws off of, so what can you do? apparently, you just embrace it with shit like this:

that’s a “trikini” – a bikini with a matching face mask, so you can appear socially conscious while still getting your tan on and maybe picking up some free drinks at bars by the lake once they’re allowed to reopen. while festive, it’s hardly a new look. it’s been done at every halloween store for years, it’s just there it was called the “naughty ninja” –

so let’s not talk about this being the way things will be going forward, ’cause no…it won’t be. for a bit? sure. i’ve even ordered a few more atomic custom masks to see me through, and possibly get a revenue stream going if there’s another shut down. but for good? hell to the fuck no – this can’t be our lives going forward. the 1918 thing i heard about growing up took TWO FULL YEARS to pass, but it did. we’re only into this thing eight months…don’t lose all hope just yet, kids.

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