enough already

i get it. i mean, i’ll never FULLY get it, but i get.

being a minority can suck in america. and some police are shitty. that part i get. i will NEVER know what this feels like, because i’m white, male, close to fifty, with a decent house and car and job. i also understand that many police have gotten away with too much for too long and that the incident of late was a catalyst for things like this:

and this…

and i agree. black lives DO matter. and while the (predominantly white) people like to fire back, “ALL lives matter”, keep in mind that back when i was growing up if you had a bumper sticker that said “save the whales” nobody thought you meant, “fuck the rest of the ocean, but let them whales be okay”, they understood you were trying to bring attention to a problem, not single one species out as the lone survivor. this is the same thing.

(to give credit where credit is due, i was paraphrasing nick cannon on that one)

but when things turn to this:

and this:

guess what? you’re going to jail! you can’t hold up signs that say “no justice, no peace”, then break the law, then NOT go to jail. when they take you to jail for breaking the law, that is literally justice. and i mean “literally” in the actual use of the world, not the millennial idiotic use of the word. and before the looting of the only black owned business near the police station (way to “fight the power”, dipshits), things devolved, as they often do, into spoiled white folks using this as their “woke photo op”. so while homeboy’s instagram makes him look all hard and socially aware:

in reality, he was just posing for camera crews trying to eek out his warholian fifteen minutes:

i’m hoping next weekend the kiddos will find something better to do. i get the reason for the protest, but when shit starts to cross the line, you gotta know when to pack it in. this is just giving the ultra-right dipshits a reason to light some shit up and blame the black lives matter folks. and that blame will stick, because we all know why things started. in closing…

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