whiskey wednesday (rednexican CoVid break edition)

so today we’re hopping off the island…

…that island being ireland, of course.

i’ve done these all about irish whiskey, and while i still have many flavors of that to try, today we’re gonna vary it up a bit due to climate change (i.e. texas is getting hot as fuck lately) but that will all make sense in a sec. neither of these were new to me, but maybe they will be to you. either way, here we go…

knobb creek small batch kentucky bourbon

in the simplest of terms, this 100 proof hooch ain’t fucking around. it takes over your pallette, your throat, and your soul all in one swooping move. i drink it on the rocks with no mixer and it lets you know that maybe…just maybe…you shouldn’t do that. i’m not gonna lie – drinking this on a hot day has closed out whiskey for me till things get cooler. it weighs you down and doesn’t ask for forgiveness, so i cheated a bit and also got me some…

suaza hornitos tequila – black barrel edition

sauza hornitos and i have a long sorted history. they tried their hand at cigars for a while with the drew estates folks and i had a couple and liked em. i killed a handle in vegas one time and it almost killed me. but the black barrel edition is smooth shit, and gets a lot of its flavor and color from the fact that it’s aged in whiskey barrels. so it’s got the smokey, almost caramel overtones of bourbon but it’s lighter on your gut since it’s tequila – or at least that’s my theory and i’m sticking to it. a great summer drink on the rocks!

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