unstopping the pipe (a flashback NOT about a colonoscopy)

one thing doing this shit for eighteen years has taught me…

…writer’s block happens, and when you have an idea jot it down IMMEDIATELY and then get it done when you can. if you do that, and keep a little ahead of yourself, you can keep things going pretty smoothly.

weed and booze helps. so, to that end…

04/24/2002: “well, this certainly sucks….”

okay, so anybody who reads this slop, or has talked to me for more than five minutes at a stretch, has figured out that i have a pretty twisted sense of humor. i mean i AM funny, don’t get me wrong; and i can keep people amused because i can bounce between the most low-brow, make a teamster blush (i actually HAVE accomplished that feat before) kinda humor to more intellectual, what has been described as “dennis-miller-esque” humor in a five minute period (by the way, my DM humor comes without his little head shake…can’t steal trademarks, ya know). but i had NO idea my imagination had such a twisted sense of humor…

last week i had a “ten tips” list on deck for working out. then some issues with those close to me made me feel like the timing on such a piece would be in EXTREMELY poor taste, so i decided i would push it till the end of the weekend and do it on sunday. well, crown royal intervened that night, and the piece went undone. i started coming up with more on monday when i was in the gym, and decided to do TWO ten lists…one for guys, one for women. then i went to chemical brothers, which blew me away, so i decided to write on that.

so due to all THAT, i got very little sleep last night and i’m about to collapse. why am i still up? well, that’s where my imagination’s sense of humor kicks in….

after work, i cruised home for a bit, and ran to san marcos with my “sister” kathi to grub. over dinner, i commented to her (after scribbling the url for this page on two chalkboards in the men’s room) that it amazes me that i ALWAYS seem to come up with something to throw on here. how writer’s block never seems to hit me…

so as a result, tonight it did.

i worked it since i got back TRYING to make my gym piece come together to my satisfaction, but it was to no avail. it’ll happen eventually, but because i SAID that was the least of my problems, it happened. fine…two can play at this game…

you know what amazes me? no matter what i do, i NEVER seem to win the lottery. every time i play. buy a ticket, it’s just like throwing the money away. and i NEVER get laid. not nightly. and never, ever, EVER by hot latinas nightly.

okay imagination curse, play with THAT for a while.

to combat it tonight, i decided to spike the ball and write a piece on writer’s block. the gym bit will follow eventually. until then i’ll just NEVER win the lotto and NEVER having mind-numbing sex with beautiful, petite, busty latinas….

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this has nothing to do with anything you’re writing about but i like the new header design.

josh said @ 04/25/2002 03:41 AM GMT

note on the comment – the earlier headers were pretty fucking lame, so if i (or kramer) churned one out worthy of praise, that was quite an accomplishment!

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