$368 can buy you a lot of shit

but it can’t buy you a fucking email, apparently…

i figure with today being “4/20” and all i should post about something i should probably smoke some weed at, and on that note (pun intended) we’ll chat about this slight miscarriage of justice:

see that big red “postponed” banner at the top? yeah, i didn’t know about that until i randomly checked the ticketmaster app. they never once emailed me to tell me the tour was postponed. neither did the band, and i bought through THEIR presale. they emailed 587 times leading up to the damn on sale. they have a mural in austin to guerilla market the show i still need to take pics of. but for almost $400 for a pair of fucking lawn seats, i guess it’s too much to ask to get an email letting you know the show was postponed.

not a surprise – the average age of a rolling stones member is roughly 111. and while the show is in late may, six weeks from today (when the SIP order for austin is already supposed to be lifted, but these bits are written a bit in advance) but maybe their were earlier shows that had to be postponed, throwing the whole tour out of whack? or maybe one of them caught it? man, i hope it’s keith richards – if anything can kill COVID-19 it’s fucking blood from keith richards…absolutely NOTHING lives in that environment!

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