missed it by that much

the ironic thing is this bit is being written on the seventeenth of january, which is ME’s birfmas, and also the day this offer closed.

a japanese billionaire was, until early today, taking online applications to be his date for a literal trip to the moon in 2023 on musk’s space x rocket (which launches just a belch and a holler from the house we hold the mcgathering in out in mcgregor, texas, for anybody curious).

if this doesn’t show that EVERYBODY is now looking online for love i don’t know what does.

a few things about this kinda impressed me:

1. he has a minimum age of twenty, but no maximum.
2. applications closed jan 17, but “selection” doesn’t start till a week later. why? it’s not like paper’s being scanned and uploaded here.
3. he’s giving away his fortune on social media as an “experiment”

that last part is partially true. i’m sure he’s not giving it ALL away, as all the giveaways are in yen, but his forbes worth of $2B is measured in USD. so, while it sounded badass that he gave away ¥100,000,000 with one million yen going to each of one hundred winners, the current exchange rate means they each on just under ten grand before taxes. i’d certainly be happy with that outcome (i’d use forty percent for bills, forty percent for house shit, and twenty percent for fun). his 2020 plan is to give away ¥1B (just over nine mil US).

i’ll be curious to see what’s required to be his special lunar lady for 2023 and what is “owed” between now and then. the decision is supposed to come by march, but that’s still three years (or more) before things launch (literally).

i’m gonna keep my eye on this shit.

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