the laziness continues (with somewhat of a purpose)

so, today i was GONNA write new shit, since friday we’ll do a flashback and we’ve been going retro the last week or so…

…but as today is the start of a new decade, i wanted to look back and see how i felt at the start of the last one. and seeing as how i can do so since that was AFTER the fat cow fuck up, i decided to lay down one last atypical retro post since, and this is sad, everything since 2000 is all the same to me. seriously. it doesn’t even hit me that this is the beginning of the THIRD decade of the twenty-first century.

i wish i was making that up.

i see documentaries on the 70’s, 80’s, etc, and think of those as decades. but when people break off the 2000’s from the 2010’s i feel like they’re just splitting hairs…but to Os (who was born in 2004) this is really a thing. so, that being said, here’s where i was to start the 2010’s:

life begins anew
Author: sean M Published: January 2, 2010 0 comments

i figured after the last morbid subject line (followed by an entry that was far from morbid) i could do with a more “perky” subject line…

…so here we are.

writing the first new entry of the new year AND new decade (yet still the same ol’ week – go figure). i realized about 12:15 last night (while sipping goblet two of three of veuve) that this technically marks the second decade the whore has been around…not bad. it’ll be eight years i’ve been going at this as of february and we now hover close to 500 hits a day (the counter at the bottom is a little off in its accuracy – but it’s free, so what do you want?). before some of you start going “500 hits a day? why aren’t you getting paid for this?!?” keep in mind that of those 500 hits approximately 362 of them are people who are looking for ACTUAL whores (mostly in the houston, texas, area who’s baseball team is the houston astros so my url attracts them in droves) or porn and another 128 of them are people trying to spam my comments section (hence the “4,000,000 russian spammers can’t be wrong” header i had for a while there – i seriously once logged on to find i had 165 comments awaiting approval and ALL of them were spam) and so that leaves about ten of you that are ACTUAL readers…

…that’s why i don’t get paid.

but it’s a new day, a new year, and a new decade (this is being written 10:18am 1/1/2kX) and since LAST year i proclaimed it my “lucky year” only for me to lose my dell job (i genuinely think that WAS lucky) and tish (that wasn’t lucky) i’ll keep my mouth shut on proclamations, declarations, predictions, and other “tions” for the year – let’s just say this time next year let’s all be in a better place than we are this time this year, regardless of how good or bad that place may be…deal?

2020 note: (for all curious i started 2000 shit-faced working security for one night only at a club called “polly esther’s” making $500 for four hours work in addition to all the booze i could handle and some pretty killer food)

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