proper pump fucked (a throwback)

as much as i drive these days this woulda REALLY sucked for me now:

05/23/2007: “oil for one, and one for oil!”

my boss is having to lose some of his ghetto fabulousness…

…and he ain’t happy about it.

my boss’ daily drive is a lincoln navigator suv. not the little aviator, like i kinda wanted for a while, but the big dawg. rolling on twenty-four inch rims, no less. ghetto fucking fab-u-lous.

but not for too much longer.

you get a big truck on big rims it takes big-time gas to move that fucker around. and at $3.00 a gallon minimum these days, he’s not happy about what he’s shelling out to shell…or exxon…or whoever.

i remember telling alex back when we were together that i was NOT going to pay two bucks for gas. wasn’t gonna happen. fuck all that noise. there was no way, no day, no how i was gonna do it – i would just quit my job and find something local that might pay a bit less, but at least i wouldn’t be a slave to that crap. she lived with me for just under three years, moving in here late 2k4 – and i believe we had that discussion shortly after she had started working in late summer of 2k5. so that wasn’t even two years ago.

of course now, we would KILL for two bucks a gallon. lines would wrap around the block for that shit. hell, you can barely find it for under THREE bucks a gallon – hence my boss having to unload the ghetto fab truck and all.

these are hard times with our country, and we are at war in the area where most of the oil comes from, and there are armies, and dictators, and bullshit, oh my!

(bullshit is the main element, though)

earlier this week exxon announced it had done what was thought to be impossible – they actually had bigger profits than they had the year before. why was odd? because last year exxon/mobil had the highest profits of any corporation in the fucking history of corporations.

read that again.

they did not have the highest profits in the history of exxon/mobil. they did not have the highest profits in the history of the oil industry. they had the highest profits, of any corporation, in the history of corporations WORLD FUCKING WIDE. no corporation (not microsoft, or dell, or time warner, or…), ever, in the history of the planet, has had profits this high EVER. that was last year – but this year, the record got broken AGAIN – by them, AGAIN.

but they want us to believe that the higher prices we’re paying at the pump are due to the war. and shortages. and issues. if that was the case, profits would be down as they tried to keep prices where consumers would still buy, so they take a bit of a margin hickey so america can keep on trucking…

…even if they’re trucking on dubs.

but that’s not the case – we are paying RECORD highs at the pump, and they are showing record profits. you have to get work SOMEHOW, right? and on the upcoming holiday weekend, you’re hitting the road to somewhere, ain’t ya? all that gas…you’ll pay whatever they charge.

we are getting fucked. plain and fucking simple.

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