when the helicopter flies too low

i’ve always said i got lucky in the kid i ended up raising…

…we got him young enough that jay’s bad habits hadn’t corrupted him just yet, and all of the ufc’s good influences were still in tact. and the best thing – he’s a dude. not that i have anything against daughters, i just wouldn’t particularly want one.

so, real quick, a few vocabulary terms from the “H” section of the dictionary here:

helicopter parent (n) hel-i-cop-tur pair-ent – a parent who takes an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child or children.

HIPAA (n) hip-puh – an acronym short for “Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act”, which basically states that your health data is between you and your physician and not a damn soul else.

and finally

hymen (n) HI-men – the thin membrane the majority of females are born with sealing their vaginal canal, or so people believe, but it actually more often than not doesn’t.

so, rapper “T.I.”, who is now more famous for his reality show about being a hip hop personality than his actual music, is getting in a world of shit about going to the gynecologist with his eighteen year old daughter annually to make sure that her hymen is still intact, i.e. she’s still a virgin.

in a word, “good” – i’m glad he is.

this is helicopter parenting on a whole new level. you had a daughter. you knew at one point she would give you grandchildren…how exactly did your ignorant ass think that would happen, exactly? and despite what many have heard, an in tact hymen is not an indicator or sexual activity OR a lack of it. in fact, the world health organization says it’s just:

a violation of the victim’s human rights and is associated with both immediate and long-term consequences that are detrimental to her physical, psychological and social well-being.

and him talking about it on a podcast and making it go viral has only made him look like an asshole and put a huge wedge of parenting fail between him and his kid. and if the doctor IS letting MC bad dad know this kind of shit, they’re breaking the law.

i think there are provisions in HIPAA that allow for you telling about issues with minors. for example, when a buddy of mine was having fairly major surgery but seemed pretty relaxed going into it all his doctors said it had to do with all the THC in his blood from all the weed he smoked. the problem was they said that to his mom. the bigger issue was he wasn’t sixteen, but three times that old – he was forty-eight. needless to say a lawsuit ensued and most of that surgery was free.

so i’m curious how much of that podcast that got him in all that shit is legit and how much is just hip-hop-fueled boasting. it IS a culture known for hyperbole, you realize.

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