the things i do for you people (whatabreakfast edition)

yes, i said “you people”!

so, it looks like this in marketing:

but the reality is:

but honestly, if you know your fast food, you know the real thing is always gonna be more squished than the marketing pic – the one in the pic was meticulously assembled, NOT wrapped nor tossed in a bag, and kinda primped. you don’t have that kinda time in the morning. but it delivers what it promises – a burger, and breakfast. the scary thing is there’s a “meal” option. what – more hash browns? that changes this to the “good luck staying awake” combo if you ask me! i just had the burger solo partnered with a 16oz rockstar hard core (so named because it’s apple flavored, not due to some extreme caffeine, although it does have fifty percent more than a 16oz monster) and i’m still feeling pretty sedimentary, which kinda sucks cause i have yard work to do. let’s see how that goes, shall we?

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